Monday at the Movies evening: EAST SIDE SUSHI

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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EAST SIDE SUSHI, released in 2014 is rated PG

People who enjoy movies about food will add this to their list. Juana (Diana Elizabeth Torres) is a brilliant cook. But she and her father are struggling to raise her daughter. Their pay is meager and her job selling fruit on the streets has become rather dangerous. On a lark, she decides to go to work at a local Japanese restaurant instead of doing her usual Mexican-style cooking. Here at the restaurant, she does a lot of the prep-work--and the sushi chefs do the actual sushi work. But she is fascinated by their work and soon realizes that sushi is delicious...and so, with only a little bit of help to get her started, she teaches herself how to make sushi. After a year of practice on her family, Juana is quite accomplished and is ready to make the leap in the restaurant from prep work to sushi...but there is a problem. Mexican-Americans do NOT work in sushi bars and everyone KNOWS that only Japanese men can excel in this art..right?! Well, Juana is determined...and conventional wisdom may not be right after all.

The cast includes Diana Elizabeth Torres, Yutaka Takeuchi and Rodrigo Duarte Clark. 

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Event Type(s): Movies & Films
Age Group(s): All Ages